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Sewing for Baby: Pack'n'Play Sheets, Changing Pad Covers, Boppy Cover, Highchair Pad, and Sleeved Bib

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Gimme Gimme More...Quilts

Gimme More Quilts, lyrics Every time the kiddo goes down
Right into the sewing room I run
It's full of quilting cotton
I cut it up and sew it back together again I'm sewing all night while there is no daylight
(I'll keep on quiltin')
(just keep on quiltin') I'm going through thread when I should be abed
(My Brother's rockin')
(The stitches lockin') But my mind keeps sayin': Gimme, Gimme more
Gimme, More
Gimme, Gimme, More
Gimme, Gimme more
Gimme, More
Gimme, Gimme, More
Gimme, Gimme more
Gimme, More
Gimme, Gimme, More
Gimme, Gimme more
Gimme, More
Gimme, Gimme, More.... QUILTS

Some people like pole dancing, and others like quilting. What can I say? I'm one of the latter.
Also, nobody enjoys pole dancing. It's degrading and ridiculous, and it wouldn't exist if we didn't live in a disgusting, sexist culture where women are just objects.
So anyways, I've been doing a lot of quilting. Quilting is so satisfying! I've never made a dud quilt. Oh…

Epic Halloween Costume Post

Ah Halloween. The time of year when everyone gets to make fun of young women who fall prey to the male gaze by dressing up as sexy-caterpillars, as if we're not all victims of the patriarchy and one cocoon away from The Yellow Wallpaper.

When I first had my beloved offspring, it occurred to me that it's a lot more fun to dress up an adorable, innocent child than my own mangy hide, and thus my appreciation for the holiday of Halloween was born like a phoenix from the ashes.

[HENCEFORTH LET IT BE KNOWN: For the purposes of this blog, I've decided to switch the moniker of my child from AAT/Above Average Toddler to "Babu," which was her nickname pre-birth.]

When Babu was a tiny, squiggly wiggly, pre-mobile infant and her first Halloween rolled around, her costume was obvious.

First of all, it was an homage to her super secret name. Second, it was basically a costume that would never work once she could walk so we had only one chance (unless she never learned to walk,…